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Kybella Before and After | Real Patient Results in Salt Lake City

The Kybella before and after pics show how this injection reduces stubborn fat in the submental region. They also explain why this innovative treatment is so popular among people struggling with double chin embarrassment. Read on to see real patient results and learn more about the Kybella treatment to discover if it is right for you.

Kybella Benefits

Kybella Before and After Images of Real Patients*

The Kybella before and after images portray real patients and show genuine results. However, as with all cosmetic injectables, results may vary.*

How to Secure the Best Kybella Before and After Results

The best way to secure impressive, safe, and dependable Kybella before and after results is to consider two important things: your candidacy for Kybella injections and the experience of the professional you select for treatment.

KYBELLA IS SKILL SENSITIVE: Much like other popular cosmetic injectables, the person administering the injection directly affects your experience and results. When choosing a Kybella provider in Salt Lake City, UT, confirm the facility is a reputable medspa or clinic. Inquire about the provider’s expertise with Kybella. Choose the most qualified, most knowledgeable provider available. People living in the SLC select Haus of Aesthetics for their Kybella treatments. We are the leading provider of safe, efficient injectables capable of reducing double chins.

ARE YOU A GOOD APPLICANT FOR KYBELLA?: Kybella is not an injection for everyone. To get the best results worth the investment, you need to make sure you are the right candidate.

When you select Haus of Aesthetics for Kybella, they conduct a free consultation to determine if this treatment is suitable for your body and aesthetic goals.

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Why Choose Haus of Aesthetics for Kybella

Haus of Aesthetics is a proud provider of Kybella injections in Salt Lake City. We have knowledgeable, caring technicians who prioritize your wellbeing and satisfaction over everything else. When you select us for your injection, you receive the best Kybella before and after results at an affordable price.

If Kybella is not the best option for you, we let you know during your consultation. We then use our expertise to direct you towards an option more suited for you and your needs.

Haus of Aesthetics offers revolutionary treatment options like combining the Kybella injections with non-invasive body contouring with CoolSculpting Elite. This combination eliminates submental fullness and contours a firm, toned, attractive chin and neck.

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Kybella Cost

Kybella injections are given as a series. The cost for Kybella varies per patient depending on the specifics of their treatment plan. To determine your exact Kybella price, schedule a consultation to discuss price more in-depth with our knowledgeable injection specialists.

Get Your Kybella Before and After Results

Get your personal Kybella before and after results. Select Haus of Aesthetics for your injection needs. Call us today at 801-997-8199 or text 801-436-5127 to schedule your complimentary Kybella consultation.

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