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Agnes RF Microneedling
Safely improve imperfections.
Increase collagen & repair skin.
Agnes RF Microneedling
Safely improve imperfections.
Increase collagen & repair skin.

Agnes RF Microneedling Salt Lake City, Utah

RF Microneedling is a revolutionary skin treatment for achieving dramatic anti-aging results. Agnes RF Microneedling combines natural microneedling with radiofrequency energy. The combination of energies achieves tissue coagulation and electrothermolysis. The dynamic treatment also stimulates tissue remodeling and triggers new collagen production. By repairing, remodeling, and resurfacing the skin on both a topical and biological level, Agnes Microneedling improves many skin concerns. These include imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, loose or lax skin, hyperpigmentation, skin tone, and more. In addition, Agnes microneedling is gentler than the traditional procedure, resulting in fewer side effects and downtime.

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Agnes RF Microneedling

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Benefits of Agnes Microneedling

Agnes RF Microneedling Before and After*

The Microneedling before and after images using the Agnes device show the dramatic skin rejuvenation you can expect to achieve. As with all cosmetic skin treatments, results will vary.* However, the before and after pictures of real patients exhibit the typical results with this particular RF microneedling device. As seen, many people achieve notable improvements to their skin tone, texture, and overall appearance.
*results may vary

Understanding How Agnes RF Microneedling Works

Microneedling with Agnes uses powerful radiofrequency technology and traditional microneedling. This combination achieves optimal tissue coagulation and electrothermolysis. The micro-insulated needles of the device penetrate the skin at precise points providing exceptional targeting. The device also distributes RF energy right to the cosmetic concern or problem, generating a tissue response without damaging the skin’s epidermis.
In addition, Agnes Precision RF is a unique nonsurgical device for sculpting the face. It addresses skin laxity by delivering impressive benefits, including tighter, firmer, more youthful skin during this short treatment. Treatments with the Agnes device also stimulates new collagen production and elastin, providing progressive benefits that last long-term.

Skin Tightening with Agnes RF Microneedling

One of the most notable benefits of using Agnes RF Microneedling is the treatment’s ability to target loose or sagging skin. RF radiofrequency energy produces heat when it is conducted into the skin. The heat from this RF treatment causes fat coagulation and tightens collagen fibers in the skin while stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen. The RF energy promotes a more youthful appearance by reducing sagging skin.
RF Microneedling triggers the body’s natural healing process. Also, in response to the entire treatment and to heal the skin, your fibroblasts, or cells that make up connective tissue, work overtime to create new collagen. Collagen builds into a new framework, overcoming skin laxity by supporting your skin and helping it appear tighter and firmer.
Since it takes time for collagen to build up, your results are progressive and continue months after your skin tightening treatment with Agnes. Haus of Aesthetics is proud to offer this comprehensive skin treatment to our clients who want to improve skin concerns like skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, skin imperfections, and more.

What to Expect During Your Agnes RF Treatment

This microneedling treatment experience is like other sessions. Clients can expect minimal discomfort from the light warm pressure of the Agnes device. You may also experience redness or hot flashes for a short time. Treatment times are considerably shorter than other microneedling treatments at just 15 to 30 minutes.

Microneedling Post Treatment Aftercare

Since the Agnes device is a non surgical skin treatment, you can resume all normal activities immediately following treatment. It is a good idea to avoid makeup and similar products for the first 24 hours. You may experience mild redness, swelling or bruising in a treated area, but those effects are temporary and subside on their own. The specialists at Haus of Aesthetics can advise you on how to properly care for your skin post treatment.

Agnes RF Microneedling Treatment Applications

RF Microneedling with Agnes allows for precision targeting, meaning your technician can tailor this treatment exclusively to your skin type and aesthetic goals. By rejuvenating the skin at the surface and cellular level, RF Microneedling improves a wide variety of skin problems and correct noticeable signs of aging, including:
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Agnes RF Microneedling in Salt Lake City

Haus of Aesthetics Q and A

RF Microneedling FAQs

Why is the Agnes RF Microneedling device different?

Agnes RF Microneedling is different from other treatments. This RF device’s specific energy makes reactions in the tissue impossible with other multipolar needle configurations. Agnes RF is the only device with a single pen or three-pin needles as an application electrode. In addition, the needles are partially insulated to protect the epidermis and other tissue from thermal burns. The microneedles penetrate deeper dermal layers for more effective skin rejuvenation.

Am I a good candidate for Radiofrequency Microneedling?

You’re a suitable candidate for Agnes Radio Frequency Microneedling if you have moderate-to-severe wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, other tone and texture concerns, and skin conditions. The Agnes device is ideal for people of all ages and skin types. As long as you are in good physical health and have realistic expectations, this RF skin treatment is a good option. As always, speaking with your provider is a good idea to ensure this is the proper treatment for your skin and aesthetic concerns.

How much does RF Microneedling cost?

The cost of radiofrequency microneedling using the Agnes device varies per person. The exact cost of the treatment depends on your unique needs and customized treatment plan. During your consultation with Haus of Aesthetics, microneedling prices are covered in detail. If this nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedure suits your skin and goals, our specialists create a plan matching your budget.

Does microneedling with Agnes Radio Frequency Microneedling hurt?*

Microneedling with Agnes increases patient comfort with minimal downtime. A topical numbing cream or topical anesthetic can be applied to ensure optimal patient comfortability during the treatment. It is also a nonsurgical treatment capable of improving the skin in various ways, including skin firming, rejuvenating, and resurfacing. As with all cosmetic procedures, treatment results may vary.*

How long does it take for Radiofrequency Microneedling to work?

Most patients may see skin firming and improvements immediately following your Agnes Radio Frequency treatment. However, this RF Microneedling treatment provides progressive results that will continue to improve for six months afterward for optimal results.

Does Agnes RF Microneedling tighten skin?

Yes! Radiofrequency Microneedling with Agnes reduces fat, tightens skin, and treats acne or enlarged pores. The Agnes is a new approach to facial contouring without surgery.

Is microneedling with RF worth it?

Yes, microneedling with the Agnes RF device is worth it. Treatments address and correct a variety of concerns including reducing large pores and improving skin texture, it may also reduce stretch marks and scars. It also helps skin both structurally and on the surface.



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Agnes RF Microneedling

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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however, individual experiences may vary.

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