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What is the Diamond Glow Facial?

Diamond Glow facials provide a multi-faceted treatment. This popular cosmetic experience uses recessed diamond tip wands to deliver exceptional skin resurfacing. The facial provides three treatments in one. Patients enjoy exfoliation, extraction, and nourishment to transform the skin entirely.

Read on to learn more about the Diamond Glow facial, see before and after images, and discover how to get your own impressive skin rejuvenating results in Salt Lake City.

Diamond Glow Facial Benefits

  •  3 skin care treatments in one super facial
  •  rejuvenate skin from head to toe
  •  Immediately plumper, more radiant skin
  •  Rejuvenates skin on a cellular level
  •  relaxing, 30-minute treatments
  •  painless and no downtime
  •  FDA cleared as safe and effective
  •  Fully customizable treatments
  •  Suitable for all skin types

Diamond Glow Facial Before and After*

The Diamond Glow facial before and after results highlight the impressive results possible with this comprehensive facial. Each patient exhibits typical results of this facial when they are performed by a licensed professional. As with all cosmetic treatments, results will vary.* However, if you select a premier provider like Haus of Aesthetics, you can expect similar skin rejuvenation results.

What is the Diamond Glow Facial?

Diamond Glow facials include a 3-in-1 skin rejuvenating technology. The dermabrasion wand exfoliates the skin using actual crushed diamonds in the device’s tip. In addition, it extracts skin impurities and then infuses the skin with nourishing serums that rejuvenate.

DiamondGlow Applications

DiamondGlow’s dermabrasion and dermalinfusion improve skin in numerous ways. Immediate benefits include:

  •  Clear, even skin tone
  •  Smooth skin texture
  •  Less noticeable pores
  •  Overall healthier-looking complexion.

Results of the Diamond Glow facial are progressive. The benefits successfully accomplish the following:

  •  Reduces wrinkles and lines
  •  Improves hydration and moisture
  •  Corrects skin tone and texture
  •  Corrects oily, congested skin
  •  Overall skin rejuvenation

Is a Diamond Glow Facial Right For Me?

Each facial can be customized for each individual. The DiamondGlow handpiece comes with adjustable tips. This allows the technician to calibrate the degree of abrasion for each patient’s skin. In addition, specific serums address the skin conditions of each patient. The versatility makes dermabrasion with the DiamondGlow system suitable for all skin types.

If you want to know more about Diamond Glow and if it is suitable for your skin needs and aesthetic goals, contact Haus of Aesthetics. We are the primary provider of the popular DiamondGlow facial in the Salt Lake City area. During your visit, we evaluate your skin and determine if this treatment is best suitable for your goals.

DiamondGlow Facial Treatment Areas

While the DiamondGlow system is primarily known as a facial treatment, this adaptable device can rejuvenate your skin from head to toe. Popular body treatment areas and applications include:

  •  Rejuvenating décolletage or the chest area
  •  Reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach
  •  Improving acne on the back
  •  Reducing noticeable cellulite on thighs
  •  Improving tone and texture on the arms
  •  Hydrating dry skin on the hands and feet

Get a Diamond Glow Facial in Salt Lake City, UT

If you want to learn more about the revolutionary skincare facial and achieve your own Diamond Glow before and after results, contact Haus of Aesthetics. Call (801) 997-8199 or text (801) 436-5127 to schedule your consultation and learn more about this popular 3-in-1 treatment.

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