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What are the CoolSculpting Results using CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Results using CoolSculpting Elite demonstrate how fat freezing is amplified with the new Allergan treatment. Whether CoolSculpting before and after pictures, real patient reviews, or testimonials, consumers have several sources proving this treatment works wonders. In addition, CoolSculpting studies published in scientific journals demonstrate how the CoolSculpting results of CoolSculpting Elite provide long-term fat reduction.

It is important to consider several factors to ensure you experience a safe and effective body contouring treatment. Learn more about each consideration and how you can secure the best physical transformation with CoolSculpting Elite.

CoolSculpting Reviews | Real Patient Testimonials

CoolSculpting reviews from actual patients are an excellent way to determine the skill and experience of a particular provider. However, with numerous providers available in Utah, finding the most reputable can be challenging. This is why patients in the SLC select Haus of Aesthetics as their body contouring provider. Our patients receive the most effective and safe CoolSculpting Results using the CoolSculpting Elite treatment. We are also proud to provide this popular body contouring experience conducted by an actual Allergan trainer.

If you want to read more patient reviews, visit our website to see what they say about their Coolsculpting results from Haus of Aesthetics.

CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures*

Patient reviews tell you that fat freezing with CoolSculpting Elite really works. However, the CoolSculpting before and after pictures show you the effective fat reduction results. As with any cosmetic treatment, results will vary.*

Scientific Studies Measuring CoolSculpting Results

Many clinical studies on CoolSculpting report the efficiency of the advanced cooling technology. For example, one study published in The Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology found that Cryolipolysis, the science behind CoolSculpting, reduces subcutaneous fat cells at the treatment site by up to 25%. These results were shown after just one cooling session with CoolSculpting.

In addition, another study demonstrates CoolSculpting results last with proper maintenance. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology study evaluates CoolSculpting patients 9 years after their first treatment and found “local reductions in fat [after a single CoolSculpting cycle] have significant longevity in these subjects and suggest that results from Cryolipolysis may be very long-lasting.”

How to Ensure the Best CoolSculpting Results with CoolSculpting Elite

With the introduction of CoolSculpting Elite, more people are curious about CoolSculpting and the results possible with body contouring. CoolSculpting Elite is a technique-sensitive body contouring procedure. The specialist performing the treatment influences the experience and, ultimately, your results. When you select Haus of Aesthetics, you receive the best CoolSculpting results possible in the SLC area.

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Is CoolSculpting Elite Right for Me?

Another important thing to consider is if you are the right CoolSculpting candidate. Body contouring is only a suitable treatment for some individuals. The treatment is meant for healthy people struggling with isolated fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss treatment and is not advertised for adults who are significantly overweight or obese. The only way to achieve the right CoolSculpting results is to be the perfect candidate.

If you question whether CoolSculpting Elite is suitable for you, contact Haus of Aesthetics for a physical evaluation.

The Best CoolSculpting Elite Provider Near Me

If you want to achieve impressive CoolSculpting Results in Salt Lake City, Utah, contact Haus of Aesthetics. To schedule a free consultation and discover how this body contouring treatment can help you achieve the body of your dreams, call (801) 997-8199 or text (801) 436-5127 now.

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