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CoolSculpting Elite Before and After | New Treatment = Better Results

CoolSculpting Elite before and after images show the transformative results possible with the newest fat-freezing treatment. The makers of CoolSculpting created the new CoolSculpting Elite treatment featuring a new machine and the addition of two C-shaped applicators. The new treatment eliminates twice the amount of fat in less time. See the impressive before and after pictures and learn about the new CoolSculpting Salt Lake City treatment.

CoolSculpting Elite Before and After*

The before and after results from CoolSculpting Elite provide the new treatment is superior compared to the original. Clients treated with the latest fat freezing machine and applicators achieve a visibly more dramatic fat reduction. As with any body contouring treatment, results will vary per individual* However, each person receives impressive results when their treatment is administered by a reputable, licensed CoolSculpting Salt Lake City provider such as Haus of Aesthetics.

CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Areas

The new CoolSculpting Elite machine comes with seven re-engineered applicators. Each applicator differs in size and shape. The new technology makes CoolSculpting Elite the only FDA cleared treatment to reduce fat non-invasively from nine areas.

The nine treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, flanks, upper arms, submental region, back fat, armpit fat, knee fat, banana roll below the buttocks, and jawline.

How to Achieve Optimal CoolSculpting Elite Before and After Photos

Clients considering CoolSculpting Elite have two primary concerns: their treatment candidacy and the expertise of the professional providing treatment.

CoolSculpting Elite Candidacy: CoolSculpting Elite is not a treatment suited for every person. There is such a thing as an ideal candidate. The perfect CoolSculpting Salt Lake City candidate is a healthy, active adult who is fit, but struggling with resistant fat cells in problem areas like the stomach or thighs. To get the best before and after results, the client must be the right CoolSculpting Elite treatment.

CoolSculpting Elite is Technique Sensitive: The person performing the treatment affects the results of the body contouring treatment being done. CoolSculpting Elite is technique sensitive. The more skill the professional provider has, the more dramatic the before and after transformation will be. When selecting a CoolSculpting Salt Lake City provider, confirm the facility is a reputable medical spa or clinic with licensed CoolSculpting Elite technology.

Scheduling a FREE consultation is the best way to determine your treatment candidacy and access a provider’s expertise. During your consultation, you can talk in-depth with a treatment specialist about the new treatment and conclude whether the provider is the right fit for your needs. If the specialists determine CoolSculpting Elite is right for your body, they develop a plan that addresses your body concerns and achieves optimal fat reduction. 

Discover the difference between CoolSculpting vs CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite Near Me

It is time to discover why so many people are talking about the new CoolSculpting Elite. Contact Haus of Aesthetics for a consultation today. We are the leading provider of CoolSculpting treatments in the Salt Lake City area. We have won best of SLC 3 years in a row! In addition, we are proud to offer treatments from an Allergan CoolSculpting trainer. When you select our med spa for your fat-freezing experience, you are in the best hands. Call us at 801-997-8199 or text 801-436-5127 to schedule your appointment now.

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